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Courtney Rosvold

Courtney Rosvold

Courtney Rosvold, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Hello, and thank you for taking the first step to getting to know a little bit about me. I have worked with adolescents and families for the past 12 years as a junior and senior high school teacher. I am transitioning away from that career to work more closely with individuals to facilitate holistic changes and increase their overall feelings of well-being. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy spending time with my family and chasing after my happy almost-3-year-old. I also enjoy live theatre, traveling, and discussing good books with friends.

I am interested in working with clients to help empower them around issues of depression, anxiety, attachment, communication, relationships, ADHD, and trauma. I also have a special interest in working with individual’s suffering from addictions or problem behaviours: These could include drug and alcohol addiction, but also Internet (video gaming, pornography, social media, etc), food/eating patterns, sex, relationship, shopping, gambling, and overworking.

I believe that all people are born with the drive to self-actualize and we have an infinite capacity to change and better ourselves. This natural process can be interrupted by many factors throughout a person’s lifetime. When this process is interrupted people can become stuck in unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour that can lead to undesired results or a tendency towards negative emotional states. People have the capacity to change these unhelpful patterns for themselves and working with a counsellor can help facilitate this change.

I believe that the integration of a person-centered CBT approach gives clients the empathy and connection that can help them process their understandings of the world and then gives them the tools to make measurable changes on their personal path to self-actualization.

I believe that people have the power to change themselves at any time, but often times it requires a choice on the part of the individual. It is when an individual has made the choice to change that a counsellor can help as a facilitator. If you are interested in exploring a change I would be thrilled to meet with you.

As a Provisional Registered Psychologist, I provide individual, couples, and family counselling under the supervision of Dr. Caroline Buzanko (Registered Psychologist).


Payment information

I charge $140 per hour for in-person sessions. A counselling hour consists of a 50-minute session with 10 minutes allotted for paperwork. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist I am covered by most benefit plans, however, I do not provide direct billing.

I charge $120 for telephone and video counselling sessions.

I also offer a sliding fee scale, according to annual family income and ability to pay please contact me directly for further information.

I offer a free 20-minute phone call or in-person meeting if you have any questions and/or to help you assess whether or not we are a good match.

Courtney Rosvold, Registered Provisional Psychologist


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