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August 14, 2018

Courtney Rosvold was a busy student counsellor in our clinic last October to April and has returned to Langdon Medical Clinic this August. She is now a Registered Provisional Psychologist providing counselling to individuals, couples and families and can be booked directly on our online system.


She works with clients to help empower them around issues of depression, anxiety, attachment, communication, relationships, ADHD, addictions, problem behaviours and trauma. Please see her profile on our website for more information.


She is in Langdon throughout August and then once or twice per month starting in September. She also provides video and phone counselling most evenings when she is not in the clinic.


Her rate is $140 per hour for in-person sessions, which is covered by most benefit plans. Her rate is $120 for telephone and video counselling sessions. She also offers a sliding fee scale, according to annual family income and ability to pay. Please contact her directly for further information.


She offers free 20-minute phone calls or in-person meetings if you have any questions.

Please call the clinic, or book online through Schedulicity to meet with Courtney.

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